Hidden Secrets

Herbal Pantyliners (3 packs) 30 liners

$33.99 $35.97

3 packs of herbal pantyliners. Hidden Secrets herbal pantyliners have a soothing effect that keeps bacteria at bay. The liners are infused with anti-inflammatory and cleansing herbs, so they are ideal for use when you feel discomfort or want to take extra steps to balance your pH. Wearing the pantiliners daily can relieve cramps and irritation.

The pantyliners are not recommended for women who are pregnant or allergic to silver ion. Use Hidden Secret sanitary napkins (pads) instead of the pantyliners while on your menstrual cycle.

Customer Reviews

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E. Oubre
Great products, EXCELLENT Customer Service

I love the products offered by Hidden Secrets specifically the Herbal pantyliners and the Customer Service is 5 stars as well!

Ranatta Harris-Monroe
Maybe something changed \__/

I like the feel of the actually liner, but they do not stick to my panties like they used to.
I’ve been ordering for at least a year not maybe I just got a bad batch but there aren’t holding position in my underwear like they used to

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I love these!

Wingate Shaleika

The pantyliner has a great smell and cooling

Elena August
Best Puss Experience 🙌🏾

Guhhhhhhh let me tell u about this Hidden Secret for real hands-down the best Puss Experience ever. OMG, Its the mingling of the herbs for me, that let you know it’s working Magic on that Kitty. I’m glad I didn’t give mine all away so y’all “GET THE BIG PACK” this the most refreshed my Puss Ever felt from a pantyliner, I just can’t keep it myself I’m telling Everybody……Every “Respectable” Puss Deserves this “Pussxperience”😂😂😂😌….Thank Me Later Dolls😘

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