Our story so far

Collins’ mother warned her against using traditional feminine hygiene products, but she did not have much information on alternative items to maintain feminine health. Lawson-Collins gathered about holistic feminine products after her cousin was diagnosed with cancer and stopped using conventional hygiene methods. Collins’ cousin warned her to stop using "regular" pads and tampons before her passing, but Jasmin was not sure how to find a suitable alternative.

After extensive research, Jasmin found that African American women under the age of 45 develop breast cancer with a death rate very high, much more often than any other women in other ethnicities. The hormone-altering ingredients in pads, tampons, and other feminine
cleansing products can lead to serious health issues, including breast cancer. That is why Lawson-Collins created her nonprofit organization Keeping Up with the Boobies. The organization assists women with early breast cancer detection. However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought Jasmin’s plan to continue growing her businessand nonprofit to a screeching halt – which prompted her to become even more innovative.

Jasmin Lawson-Collins decided to create all-natural feminine products so that women will have one less thing to worry about at a time when everyone is concerned about their health. She hopes to continue growing
her company so she can provide products for women in her community and beyond.

Lawson-Collins is preparing to provide 100% natural sanitary pads, 100% natural tampons, 100% natural herbal pantiliners, probiotics, 100% natural suppositories and natural feminine wash. The products contain pH-balancing probiotics and are gluten-free. Feminine products that are good for the body and have no negative side effects are a necessity for all women, and women of color are often deprived of quality sanitaryproducts due to lack of availability in local retail stores.
Lawson-Collins is a New Orleans native and is particularly interested in helping the women in her city learn more about their bodies and products that are safe for regular use. She shares that the girls and women in her community were not taught about the dangers of sanitary products and wants to stop the generational cycle of limited knowledge when it comes to hygiene products. More extensive knowledge of safe and beneficial ingredients and feminine products to avoid can make a significant difference in women’s health. Lawson-Collins is honored to be apart of the health industry to make a phenomenal change.