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Probiotics (30-day supply)

Bundle Pack
Anissa McElroy
Package Received

The packaging is awesome. Love the electric blue 💙 Everything was inside and each product had its direction of usage that is easy follow. This new journey for self care is a great start

Feminine Hygiene Wash
Sabrina Simmons
I’m Committed To You!🥰🙌

OMGGG!!!!! It feels amazing. I love that immediately you feel and notice the difference with the 1st wash. This product is forever apart of my route. Thank you for creating a product that balances my girlfriend!

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I love these!

Feminine Hygiene Wash
Cheryl Salahuddin
Fresh Feminine Feel

I feel extra fresh and clean knowing this wash is specially designed for my feminine hygiene.

Boric Acid Suppositories
Donisha Stepter
Boric acid

Loveeeee these products and any products from this company. I swear by them for any woman. The comfort level is unmatched !


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT ! It smells amazing && FEELS even better . If you any slight odor or discharge GET IT it definitely helps ! I use it every time I touch the tub or even when I need a quick wash up . It leaves you feeling flat out refreshed


Very refreshing feeling especially after getting out the shower. Had minor irritation but nothing else. I’ll see how I do after my period is gone

These panty liners are the best!! They always leave me feeling fresh. I realize that I just need to go ahead & do a bulk order of them.


The pantyliner has a great smell and cooling

Maintain your PH

The Her hidden secrets probiotics supplements is a great way to maintain normal vaginal flora, I highly recommend these probiotics, they are a nice size so easy to swallow. Thank you

Feminine Hygiene Wash

Best Puss Experience 🙌🏾

Guhhhhhhh let me tell u about this Hidden Secret for real hands-down the best Puss Experience ever. OMG, Its the mingling of the herbs for me, that let you know it’s working Magic on that Kitty. I’m glad I didn’t give mine all away so y’all “GET THE BIG PACK” this the most refreshed my Puss Ever felt from a pantyliner, I just can’t keep it myself I’m telling Everybody……Every “Respectable” Puss Deserves this “Pussxperience”😂😂😂😌….Thank Me Later Dolls😘

Works great!


Definitely a Necessity. I have noticed a huge difference after a week of taking these persistently everyday. I refuse to miss a day now! Va-JJ smells like water!! But a major key is to take them EVERYDAY LADIES!

The Best

Herbal liners are BEST!


I love these!

A must!

I take these probiotics everyday. Sorry to those who don’t. Couldn’t be me. 🥴🤷‍♀️

Bundle Pack
I wish I bought sooner!

I wish I knew about these products sooner! I bought the bundle pack and started the probiotics and feminine wash immediately. Period came on schedule a week later and I used the pads (so comfortable, they don’t feel like diapers and don’t have the plastic sound when you walk) was going to try the tampons mid cycle but my period ended in 3 days. I’ve always been a 6-7 day cycle girl, never in my life had my cycle ended in 3 day. I’m loving it here! I’m now 1000% sure the chemical feminine products I was using before was trying to kill me.

Boric Acid Suppositories
brandi patterson


Feminine Hygiene Wash
Dayda Pearson
The best!

I absolutely love hidden secrets pads! I’ve shared the secrets with all my female relatives. Thank you Queen✨

I love these products. This is different kind of clean. I have already told my friends to get these products


Very comfortable with no leaks I'm just amazed!!

I really love this product, and I have noticed a huge difference (positive) in my cycles since using these.